Dentures emerge as one of the cost-effective and viable options when it comes to replacing a missing tooth. The two most common types of denture available are: full or complete dentures that replace all teeth in a jaw and partial dentures that replace only a few missing teeth.

Dentures available these days are quite comfortable and appealing. They allow a person to bite and chew comfortably while improving functionality. Dentures with a thinner denture base are more comfortable but in order to maintain the stability and retentive properties of dentures, it is important for a denture to be designed sufficiently thick. Similarly, dentures with stainless steel components tend to be more comfortable.  Acrylic denture base that is rigid and flexible rely on the thickness of denture base for durability and strength.

It is very important to take note of the structure and designing of dentures. The consequences of not doing so may result in a shift in remaining teeth, inability to bite, chew properly and a sagging facial appearance. If your dentures do not fit properly, it is important to see your dentist. Ill-fitting dentures not only compromise facial appearance but also deteriorates oral health.

Does Denture Treatment Lead to Scarring?
To make dentures comfortable, our dentist makes adjustments from time to time. This results in pressure sores in areas where the denture is pressed or rubbed excessively. The entire process is repeated multiple times until the denture becomes comfortable and stable.

Bruising is seen in patients aged above 50, otherwise, no scars are found in this procedure till the time there is repeated trauma to the gums by improper fitting.

There are many potential reasons for loosening of a denture. It could be the anatomy of lower jaw, movement of the mouth and so on. To make sure that dentures do not loosen, it is important to:

Perform a Hard Reline of the Denture
Reline adapts your denture base to the current ridge anatomy. This is done in a day or two.

Remake the Denture
When a new reline is inadequate, a new denture should be fabricated to get the best results. This process can be performed in 2-5 visits. A normal denture should last for around 7 years.

Patients may find inconvenient and embarrassing if the denture is not fitted or positioned properly. Therefore, it is important to choose the right set of dentures when it comes to improving the shape and design.