Root canal treatment is a dental therapy that helps in removing the diseased pulp from a root canal in your tooth. Also known as Endodontics, root canal leads to serious dental problems like tooth loss and bone damage in its severe stages. The pulp which is the infected area is removed and cleaned. In continuation, a filling is placed to seal the space. There are various advantages of availing a root canal treatment. Let’s explore a few of them:

The treatment is virtually painless and quite convenient for patients. In comparison to having a natural tooth extracted, root canal often leaves patients with less discomfort. A tooth extraction process is comparatively painful than root canal therapy.

1. Patients no longer need to take pain relievers or ice pack as root canal treatment permanently kills off the pain.
2. The therapy also prevents the formation of abscess in your infected tooth.
3. Root canal treatment leaves you with a natural biting force which means you can resume daily eating habits like biting and chewing a few days after the treatment.
4. Root canal also protects your teeth from the strain.

The treatment is performed under a local anesthetic wherein our dentists will create a tiny hole in the tooth. The damaged canal attached to the pulp is cleaned. The tiny hole is further sealed. A dental crown is then fitted to protect the tooth.

The need for root canal arises when there is a deep cavity resulting in nerve exposure. In instances where a toothache or infection goes untreated, there is a possibility that harmful bacteria invade the gums, thereby leading to several health issues.

Who is the right candidate for root canal treatment?

Dentists recommend having a root canal therapy performed only if the pulp within the tooth is infected. If such type of damage is left untreated, it results in deep-down tooth decay and long-term damage. Root canal problems also arise if patients are suffering from gum disease. A root canal therapy is generally recommended to patients who have been experiencing chronic pain and infection from a long time.

Endodontic treatment or root canal helps to save your tooth and relieve you from pain or discomfort. This is the reason which makes it an apt choice amongst candidates suffering from gum related disorders.