As a parent, there are a lot of things that you wish to experience with your child as and when they grow up. Be it their first step, first word or their first bite and this way the list goes on, on and on. Though it is not equally exciting, a trip to a dentist for the first time is also something your child must be prepared of. Most kids visit a dentist ill-prepared. This could also be threatening for them. To help your child prepare about their very first visit to the dentist, these tips are a must to consider.

Preparing them about the first appointment
The first thing you should consider is picking a dentist who specializes in child care (Pediatrician). Dentists having experience working with children will be able to offer your child a comfortable and fun environment. They are not only expert at their work but also caring, compassionate and patient.

At home, you should keep them teaching about their teeth and mouth. As they say, it’s never too early to start, so begin the conversation by making them familiar with their healthy eating and brushing habits. Keep them aware with their body parts. You can indulge in fun activities with them like singing, playing, reading poems about teeth brushing and smiling. This way they will come prepared for their scheduled visit in a fun and light mood.

Built a habit of brushing together or you can also add elements like colored toothpaste or themed brushes. This will level up their energy and keep them engrossed a bit more. The more exciting the activities are, the more participation your child will show.

Identifying the right time
The right age before making an appointment is important to take care of. As a general rule of thumb, the right age would be 1 or 6 months after their first tooth comes in. Dentists recommend that children paying the visit at 1 year old or younger help parents to develop good oral habits. So, waiting for your child to grow older is the biggest mistake that you are doing.

What happens at the first visit
At the first appointment, the pediatrician will ask parents to visit the examination room with the children. During the conversation with your child, a dentist will try to build a rapport with the child.

The most common thing a dentist will do is using fun objects to teach your child the role of a healthy mouth. A pediatrician may also make your little one familiar about the different tools by allowing them to touch and listen sound. This way the experience of your little one will turn out to be less scary.

For children who are aged between 3-4, a dentist may also clean and polish their teeth with a toothbrush to let them be familiar with good and healthy brushing habits.
In the end, you may ask questions about a hygienic oral routine for your child. To keep in touch with your child’s dentist, be sure to schedule a follow-up. Visiting a dentist only once will not be enough. Therefore, it is important to schedule one or two visits every year to minimize the chances of cavities and decay.

To continue your baby’s dental care, make sure to stop thumb and pacifier sucking early. Also, it is important to limit the number of sugary foods that increase the risk of tooth decay. Once you show your child the importance of a healthy mouth, they will continue to develop it in future also.

So, if you are looking for a family dentist who offers child care in a warm, caring and friendly environment, visit us or schedule an appointment with our pediatrician today.