Do you ever feel pain or discomfort in your teeth and gums while having ice cream or a hot soup? Everyone experiences some sensitivity in teeth at one or another point of time. However, some face it often, and others face that persistently. Whichever be the case, it’s always painful and annoying.

What is sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity occurs mostly when the enamel gets thinner or when the gums start receding. As enamel is the protecting layer of the teeth, its thinning exposes the underlying surface and causes a problem in eating hot and cold food.

Now, how will you get to know that a person is suffering from sensitivity? So, it’s the pain while having some hot, cold, sweet, or very acidic food that makes you aware of the sensitivity. Not only the food, but an acidic or cold drink can also cause this sensation. However, most of the time, the sensitivity comes and goes, without creating any worries. But if it persists longer, you must visit the dentist.

Leading causes of sensitivity

So, it’s clear that many people face-sensitivity due to the thinning of the enamel. This happens at the trigger of hot and cold food. There may be various reasons behind it. A few of them are:

  • Excessively hard brushing of the teeth
  • Grinding the teeth during sleep
  • Eating or drinking acidic foods and beverages frequently

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, there can be few other factors that may lead to sensitivity. One of those is “Gastroesophageal reflux” that causes acid to come up from the stomach. Plus, those conditions that lead to vomitings like Gastroparesis and Bulimia also lead to wearing of enamel. Tooth decay, gum recession, chipped teeth, or the crowns are another set of reasons for the sensitivity.

Treatment options

If you ever experience sensitivity for the very first time, connect to your dentist. He may also diagnose the symptoms during routine dental cleaning. But you need to understand that it is nothing to ignore. The dentist will analyze the potential reasons for the pain or the discomfort and prepare a proper report to inform you.

The primary method to treat sensitivity includes a toothpaste, which is explicitly meant for it. With this, you may need to make some changes in your eating habits and lifestyle. Using sober toothbrushes and alcohol-free mouthwash are some of those.

So, teeth sensitivity is a pain or discomfort experienced while eating some hot or cold food. It may have several reasons behind including improper brush and toothpaste. Therefore, when it comes to solutions, you may try the change of these dental equipment. Also, the way you brush too makes an impact. Try to brush softly with a toothpaste having fluoride.

Reaching out to an expert for the solutions is always a better option as they are well known to the situation. They will guide you well and also assess the growth and improvements in the conditions.

Thus, diagnose it at the earliest and get the best results!