Patients always want their lower denture to fit better and we have often heard them saying that their “lower denture is loose and they want better suction.” They usually compare it with upper dentures and want them to be as tight as their upper denture and not move much. Loose denture can create problems during speech, eating and results in pain during infection. Although, there are multiple reasons for the looseness of a lower denture, however, the primary one is the anatomy of a lower jaw. The lower jaw does not allow space for the movement up and down.

Some of the Other Reasons for Poorly Fitted Dentures Include:

Misshaped Denture Base
The surface of denture touching the gums is called base. Base can deform over time if they are left to dry out when placed out of the mouth. Ridge also changes which makes the denture appear distorted. However, this causes the jaw to change and not the denture.

Decrease in the Amount of Saliva
A major element in denture retention and stability is saliva. Saliva helps in the suction of a denture. If saliva is thick and deficient, denture will not fit properly. This takes place due to an underlying medical condition or drugs/medicines that are taken to resolve other medical issues.

Resorption of Ridge or Bone
The role of bone to support a full denture has always been highly appreciated. Not having enough bone makes the gums small and flat. Jaws start to resorb once the teeth are removed. This makes denture retention and stability quite difficult.

Solutions to Denture Problems:

Redesigning the Denture
A new denture should be designed to avail the best results. This can be done in 2-5 visits under normal circumstances. A normal denture should last for about 7-8 years.

Do a Hard Reline of the Denture
Reline readapts your denture base to the present ridge anatomy. This is easily achievable in a day or two or most of the time you must go without your denture.

If you are tired of trying in-house methods to fix loose dentures, talk to our dentists. We offer dentures that can improve function, biting, chewing, talking and smiling. If you wear dentures, it is mandatory to see your dentist twice a year. If you still have any queries to correct your denture problems, please get in touch with our dentist today.