The surface of the teeth gets eroded by the harmful bacteria present in some foods that you put in your mouth and carry a high probability of damaging the teeth before ultimately the enamel is scrubbed off. These foods have harmful acids that contaminate the inner dentin by penetrating through the loopholes. Try avoiding coffee and other beverages like alcohol which are not mentioned in any ‘to avoid’ list anywhere on the internet but we would ask our readers to avoid these, nonetheless!

We have listed a few more food items here, which we recommend you should avoid altogether:-
1. Ice
2. Coffee
3. Wine
4. Candies

Ice consumed in the bare form affects the teeth badly. The children should be taught that unpackaged ice is dangerous for the teeth if you chew it directly. It can harm and worsen the teeth’s condition. Ice is made of pure water, and drinking water, some might say, is not bad for your body. However, chewing on ice, in worst cases, can significantly worsen the teeth condition and permanently harm your teeth.

Coffee stains on the teeth are hard to get rid of. They turn the teeth sticky and also dries out your mouth. If you think, you’re doing justice to your taste buds by adding those two teaspoons of sugar in your coffee for sweetening, Believe us, it is going to badly harm your teeth as it contains acidic ingredients that wears down the enamel.

Wine comes under alcoholic beverages, and there is no doubt that it has its cons in abundance. It makes your teeth sticky, and has acidic content that you, by now, are well aware how badly damages your teeth. Wine, be it red or white, stains your teeth and dries the mouth. We can safely say that it’s a big NO for the safety of your enamel.

Sticky or hard candies stick on your teeth when you chew on them. They have a high sugar content that can be a dreadful nightmare for your teeth. The debris remains stuck to your teeth for long durations. Be aware the next time you chew on these candies, which are surely a delight when you have them but can open doors for the bad bacterias in the long run. The worst part is that few of the candies are flavoured with citric acid which further introduces more acid into the mouth.

We are not asking you to stop consuming your favourite foods or drinks, the idea is to minimise their intake. You must always be aware of what damages they do to your body and try avoiding various additives that may lead to extensive harm and result in a weakened state. Always drink ample amounts of water, and remember, it’s not only an old granny’s saying but science also proves that water has plenty of nutrients and is an ultimate cure!