“Brace yourself for the smile of the year!”

(Haha! Probably a punchline that we would like to start our TED talk with.)

Braces make your world go on like the movement of a tilt-a-whirl! The best solution to straighten your teeth and to assure that you can have your self-esteem in place. Literally, the best device created by mankind.

Did you know? Braces can do wonders out of voids. Although, some people find it a challenge to manage. But Cypress Family Dentist is here to share some easy-peasy tips to keep your braces clean.

Brush amidst your teeth and braces.

Braces work as an extra shield, but nonetheless, chunks of food particles get stuck and it makes brushing and eradicating the junk very difficult because of nooks and crannies.

What we recommend?
Make sure you brush twice a day for two minutes long. You can also get a small-headed brush that helps to go in between the edges of all nooks-and-corners.

Floss! Floss! Floss!

This goes without explaining its importance. Brushing and flossing the teeth are of prime importance.

What we recommend?
The bits of food particles that are stuck there can be gently removed by the thread of the floss. Make sure you don’t complicate yourself in the whole process and use water or thread flossers instead!

Invest in a quality mouthwash

A mouthwash that contains Fluoride is a must-have. It will protect your braces from any eradication.

What we recommend?
Don’t forget to ping us with your questions in the comment section below. We’d be happy to serve you! That cheerful smile looks good on you, sweets!