Whether you are looking for emergency dental services or simply looking for an experienced family dentist to look after routine oral health care of your family, Cypress Dentist in Texas should be your first point of contact. They provide general, cosmetic, restorative and emergency dental services for adults and children. From the moment you walk in to our practice, till the completion of treatment, we want you to be comfortable. Right from complete exam and cleaning to full mouth restoration or anything in between, we provide you with exceptional care to enhance the natural beauty of your smile.

How Our Smile Makeover Services Will Redefine Your Smile?

Dental Implants
These are natural looking, long lasting, and a safe alternative to bridges or dentures. Made specifically for restoring missing teeth, dental implants redefine the ability to eat and laugh comfortably. They completely stimulate a natural tooth in form and function and are an ideal replacement for the root of missing teeth. Other than restoring natural appearance in the mouth, dental implants preserve facial structure and prevent bone deterioration.

Our dentists will give you the best implant options to replace single or multiple missing teeth.

Tooth colored fillings are a safer, stronger and more attractive alternative to amalgam or silver fillings. They bond directly to the tooth and provide strength. Can even be custom-colored to match your teeth and give the most natural looking smile possible.

Amalgam fillings expand and contract when exposed to temperature changes, thereby weakening the tooth wall. They are more aesthetically pleasing alternative for patients.

Dental Crowns 
Crowns are a lasting restoration for a tooth that requires full coverage protection due to decay or in danger of being broken or damaged. It covers the entire tooth and can be made of variety of materials like porcelain which gives the most natural appearance.

Teeth Whitening 
Shading of your teeth can affect the overall appearance and have a positive impact on the way you look. Staining on your teeth occurs as a result of smoking, medication, certain food and drinks. Patients with stained or discolored teeth should opt for a whitening procedure to brighten stained, discolored or yellow teeth.  We can help you pick the most relevant method of whitening for you.

These safe and effective cosmetic solutions will definitely help you get the smile of your dreams. Contact our dentists today to see how we can help you get a bright and dazzling smile.