There is still a debate regarding whether water flossers can be a good alternative to traditional flossing or not. Since the inception of dental floss, dental health providers have consistently promoted the use of floss, however, flossing can be a challenge. Flossing regularly can be tough for patients. The anxiety with which patients go through before dental appointments can also be reduced if the need to flossing goes away.

Water flosser uses a water stream to remove the biofilm. In addition to dislodging plaque and food debris, a water flosser helps to prevent gum disease and inflammation. It flushes away the bacteria responsible for gingivitis and other oral infection. When compared to a standard floss, a water flosser adds more value for plaque removal. Water flossers have been proven effective in helping get rid of the harmful bacteria.

Why We Must First Choose to Floss
The area between your teeth accounts for 35% of plaque build up. These areas are easily attackable and eventually lead to gum disease when left untreated. Flossing cleans the plaque in your mouth that gets formed in these areas. The area between the teeth is majorly affected. Flossing prevents bacterial changes that lead to gum disease.

Water flosser shoots a jet of water in between the teeth and along the gum line to spray more water to the tissue around your teeth.

Let’s see whether they really perform better than conventional string floss.

Advantage of Using a Water Flosser:

  • A water flosser is easy to use, whereas a string flosser can be tedious and tricky. Flossing regularly with this method becomes a bit difficult. With a water flosser, it takes a minute to cleanse the entire mouth.
  • Water flosser is quite effective than traditional floss. It helps in reducing gum bleeding and cuts down gingivitis as compared to string floss. This means you lead towards an improved and secured oral health.
  • Water flosser is safer. Patients wearing braces feel a bit uncomfortable when flossing with a string, however, with a water flosser, you do not have these worries as it gets around safely.

Before choosing any of the two, it is important to understand that teeth and oral health are important. So, no matter what you choose, results should be commendable. If you don’t get expected results using traditional floss, switch to a water flosser. It might be the best option for you.