Accident or sports injury often lead to traumatic dental injuries. Minor chipped teeth is one of the most common forms of sports injury. These injuries turn out to be severe if not taken care properly. Depending upon the extent of injury, your tooth requires quick examination via dentist near me. Sometimes the neighbouring teeth suffer an unnoticed injury that can only be identified via a dental exam.

Dentists specializing in traumatic dental injuries can perform endodontic procedures to correct sports injury. People of all ages can be affected as a result of sports mishappening. If you have experienced a traumatic dental injury, it is important to visit your endodontist.

Chipped tooth accounts for the most of dental injuries. They can be repaired either by reattaching the broken piece or placing a tooth-colored filling. If the specific portion of tooth is broken off, an artificial cap may be required to restore the tooth.

Injuries in the back teeth include a cracked teeth, fractured cusp, or a split tooth. If crack extends into the root, RCT and a full coverage crown may be needed to restore function of the tooth. Split teeth may require extraction too.

A knocked-out tooth is referred to an avulsed tooth. It is one of the most serious dental emergencies for permanent teeth. When a tooth has been knocked out, nerves, blood vessels and other supporting tissue is also knocked out. Since the blood vessels can’t be repaired, an avulsed teeth will need a root canal.

The tooth must be handled very gently. Rinse it in water immediately if it’s dirty. Avoid using soap or any other cleaning agent. Tooth should be placed back into the socket as soon as possible. The lesser time it is out, the better are its chances of getting saved.

Once the tooth has been put back in socket, our dentist will evaluate it and check for any other signs of dental injuries. Depending on the stage of root development, an endodontist may start root canal treatment a week or two later.

A traumatic injury to the tooth may also lead to a horizontal root fracture. The area of the fracture determines how successful the health of tooth will be. If it is close to the root tip, chances of success are higher. The closer the fracture is to the gum line, the lesser will be long-term success rate.

The treatment is dependent on multiple factors. However, there is a few course of action that must be taken. A broken teeth may only need a filling or crown to be restored. Root canal treatment may be necessary to restabilize the tooth in proper position.


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