The total time required to get Dental Implants has always been a topic of discussion. In this blog, we”ll tell you how can you get Dental Implants in just one day. Read below to know how?

Yes, you heard right, it is possible to have Dental Implants in a single day.

The process involves inserting a single implant and placing a temporary crown on the Implant the same day it is placed. This calls for immediate dental replacement. The patient only needs to return for follow up when the permanent crown is ready.

To make the process effective and successful, it is important to analyze whether the patient is eligible for same day Dental Implants or not. Our dentist performs an initial examination for the same.

Patients with a strong bone structure have high success rate reported for this procedure. Bone structure that supports the mandible is one of the most important factors for this process. A strong and healthy jawbone during this process will help strengthen the bone around the Implant.

Now let’s understand the Implant process in detail:

Implant Placement
Our dentist places the implant via surgical intervention in the upper or lower jaw. The implant is then placed to secure it. Sometimes a bone graft is required before or during the placement of Implant.

It is a very basic process. Implants will only function if the jaw actually grows around the implant and accepts it as a part of the bone. The healing process takes about 3 months.

Teeth Replacement
The dentist will place a customized temporary crown which is made to the exact dimensions of the tooth to be replaced.

So, having Dental Implants in a day is quite a simple process. It does not come with any kind of risk or complications.

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