Flossing at least once a day can greatly benefit your oral health by preventing plaque buildup and other gum diseases. Flossing your teeth is the only way that helps in the prevention of gum disease. People who are suffering from gum disease fail to floss. Flossing your teeth is as important as brushing them.

Here are some reasons you should floss on a daily basis:

Cavity Prevention

A cavity develops when the surface of a tooth has plaque. Brushing is effective for preventing plaque buildup on the surface of teeth. A brush does not get between the teeth. So, flossing on a daily basis is essential to clean those surface of the tooth as well. The surfaces of tooth most often get cavities. Therefore, flossing is as important as brushing to maintain oral health.

Flossing Protects Gums
Food particles get easily stuck in the areas where teeth and gums meet. If not removed, it results in plaque buildup and eventually turns to tartar. Plaque can easily be removed via brushing and flossing, However, removing tartar requires an expert’s help. Tartar buildup also leads to gingivitis which is the first stage of gum disease.

When moved into an advanced stage, Periodontitis damages the bone supporting tooth and leads to tooth loss. Flossing is therefore really helpful and prevents tartar buildup.

Flossing Improves Oral Health
Most people think that flossing helps them protect their gum and teeth only but they are unaware of the fact that flossing daily is also an important part of maintaining their health. There are many studies that have proven that poor oral care makes them susceptible to heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. So, flossing regularly reduces the chances of developing stroke and heart attack. This, in turn, safeguards your health in the long run.

Flossing Gets You Fresher Breath
A good oral hygiene contributes to preventing bad breath. Also known as Halitosis, bad breath is often caused by bacteria and food particles that get trapped between the teeth. Flossing daily helps to dislodge the particles and rinse it away.

Flossing Stops Your Gums From Bleeding
With daily flossing, problems like bleeding gums go away in a few weeks. If the issue does not gets solved, you need to consult your dentist immediately and they will help determine whether you are flossing correctly or suffering from gum disease.

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