Mini dental implants are a great alternative to traditional dental implants. There are very specific cases when mini dental implants are used. They are generally used in place of incisors or small teeth. It is either used for front teeth replacement, premolar replacement or for teeth located in a narrow space. Being a smaller version of regular implants, mini dental implants are used to replace missing teeth with the objective to maintain a good oral health.

In structure, mini dental implants are roughly half the size of traditional implants. They function great for patients who have experienced a significant bone loss.

The Process
Mini implant process is quick and easier than traditional implant procedure. The implants are placed under local anesthetic, however, many patients still opt for dental sedation.

The implants are placed into the bone where no sensory nerve endings are located. There is no discomfort associated the recovery time is also quite high.

Antibiotics are offered to the patients after the process so that chances of infection are reduced.

Benefits of Mini Dental Implants
There are various advantages of using mini dental implants.

1. Mini implants don’t required as much bone mass for osseointegration as required by dental implants. So, this option is great for people who have suffered bone loss. This eliminates the need for bone graft.

2. As the name says, mini implants are smaller in size. This makes easy to accommodate in the smaller areas of your mouth. Hence, mini implants are ideal for smaller teeth.

3. The process is less invasive and the downtime associated is also low.

4. Mini implants function great when it comes to stabilizing traditional dentures. Traditional dentures are held in place by suction and supported via the gum tissue. However, with mini implants, the problem gets eliminated. They help dentures secure in place.

If you have small teeth, mini dental implants are for someone just like you. Being economical, mini implants are preferred over traditional implants, thereby delivering numerous benefits.

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