Teeth with braces isolated on white

Getting braces can be a bit annoying and stressful experience for most of us. During the initial days, you might experience discomfort. However, if you understand what exactly is going to happen, you will be definitely at ease.

Steps Followed:

    The entire process takes about an hour which is pretty quick with no pain involved.
    The first thing our dentist will do is to ensure whether your teeth are clean or not. The treatment would be starting with clean and dirt-free teeth.
    A strong toothpaste is allowed to sit on the teeth for 15-30 seconds and then rinsed off well.
    Once the teeth are dried, a section of glue is applied, which is then dried and a bright blue light is used to set the glue in position.
    Then, we have another section of glue which is applied to the back of the brackets. The brackets are then placed on teeth. Again, the blue light will be used to position another section of glue and brackets in place.
    Once the braces are fixed, our dentist places the archwire in brackets and secures it with elastic bands.

Getting braces is the first step towards improving your smile. After the first few days of putting braces, you will experience some sort of soreness. Patients also complain about slight pain as the braces and wires start functioning together to shift your teeth. We recommend our patients to take soft food during the initial days. This helps to minimize discomfort while eating.

Once your braces are fitted, you will have to make slight changes in your daily activities to ensure that your treatment functions smoothly. You are required to visit our orthodontist every 4-6 weeks to have your braces adjusted. During these visits, our dentist will replace your elastic or rubber band that can get worn out with time. By adjusting wires, your teeth will continue to shift in the right direction. With these follow-up appointments, our ultimate aim is to keep moving your orthodontic goals in the right direction.

By the time you are wearing braces, you will be required to take extra care of your teeth that includes brushing and flossing. So, if you are considering braces, either for yourself or your child, the best way to start would be speaking with our dentists who will help to map out a potential treatment plan based on your requirements.

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