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Attached to the back of your teeth, lingual braces function the same way as braces in front of your teeth. They are made of metal brackets/wires and attached to your teeth with dental cement. Our dentists adjust them in every 6-8 week to help your teeth shift in the right direction. The composition of lingual braces is the same as normal braces. They can also help fix the same type of dental issues like misalignment, spacing and so on.

Our dentist takes the impression and uses a digital scan of your teeth. Once the scans are taken, our dentist will start the process of customization. The braces are then custom-made based on your teeth to ensure a proper fit. The treatment duration is also same as of regular braces. It takes 18-24 months to have straight teeth and smile that you have always wished for.

Advantages of Braces Behind the Teeth

    The most obvious reason is that these braces are not visible. So, all those patients who are using braces for aesthetic purpose find lingual braces the best option.
    Teens who want straight teeth but don’t have much time for the treatment can go for lingual braces.
    Lingual braces eliminate the need for elastic bands. This makes them comfortable for some patients.
    It is widely appreciated among patients who play instruments because they find it easier to adjust with the braces. This happens because the brackets aren’t between the teeth and lips.
    Some patients feel self-conscious about their smile while wearing braces. This impacts self-esteem. However, with lingual braces, this problem can be eliminated.

If we talk about the cost factor, lingual braces are comparatively expensive than ceramic braces. The only reason is the customization done that accommodates the exact contours behind each tooth. Our dentists take digital scan both at the top and bottom row so that lingual braces are custom made in the laboratory.

We encourage you to call our office and schedule a free initial exam to discuss the other treatment options available.

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