Over the last few decades, the innovation in dental treatment have bring forth multiple procedures. These treatment procedure have made it easier to preserve the beauty and functionality of natural teeth. However, there are cases when a tooth may be so badly damaged that extraction is the only possible solution left to preserve the overall health of the entire mouth. No matter what the reason of tooth loss is, it has always lead to problems. Dental problems not only affect the functionality but also give birth to embarrassment and self-consciousness.

For several years, dentures have been making their way for a missing teeth wherein full dentures can replace a full arch of missing teeth whereas partial dentures or bridges are made to fill one or several gaps. The latest innovation in dentistry, i.e. dental implants are putting an end to the issues and limitations that come with traditional dentures. By acting as an effective alternative to dentures and bridges, dental implants turn out to be better than dentures and bridges. Therefore, dentists suggest getting a dental implant as an alternative to a denture or bridge.

Let’s analyze the aspects where dental implants stand-out:

Dental implants are durable and high on strength than any other restorative solution in the dental industry. The titanium post that fuses to the jawbone creates an ultra-strong foundation for the prosthesis.

On the other hand, dentures are extremely fragile and can get easily broken when dropped. Bridges are a permanent solution but applying an extra force on them can cause the abutment teeth to come under pressure, which, in turn, puts them at a risk of falling out.

Based on stability
Dental implants have a long life, if handled with care. Once they are inserted, they behave like a natural teeth. Patients can brush and floss them exactly the same way as their normal teeth. They remain unbroken and intact.

Dentures are easily removable. Patients wearing them find that they tend to slip while speaking or eating. This results into an embarrassing situation and self-esteem issues, therefore, patients avoid wearing it. Dentures also require removing them while cleaning.

Dental implants offer the closest resemblance to natural teeth. They are so convincing that sometimes the other person fails to identify whether they are implants or the real tooth.

Maintenance of bone strength
Dental implants promote growth of jaw bone and works to maintain the beauty of your face and keep you looking young forever.

Dental implants are a cost-effective yet long-term solution than an alternative bridge or denture. The bridge and denture again requires replacement within 10 years.

When it comes to weighing the consequences of tooth replacement options, dental implants have redefined dental care for those seeking solutions for missing, lost or damaged teeth.

If you are interested in knowing more about dental implant procedure, please don’t hesitate us to ask. The dental implant surgery performed at our dentist’s office is a quick and reliable process. Our dentists would love to give you specific instructions on how to care your dental implants. Let our dentists decide if implants are the right choice for you. We welcome all your queries with open arms. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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